Joint planning meetings were held with the cooperation partners of ONAT, ONPU, KPI, and HSA to prepare the contests 2020. Further coordination with all partners using the ZOOM platform was carried out weekly.

Administrative and content-related coordination of the work for the first half of 2020 took place. In particular, the following documents have been prepared and signed:

1. Onlending Agreement of a Grant of the German Academic Exchange Service – DAAD between HSA and ONAT (12.10.2019)

2. Contract between HSA, ONAT and SURT for purchasing (by HSA) and using (by ONAT) of the SmartBoard, delivered by SURT (16.12.2019)

3. Cooperation Framework Agreement between HSA and KPI

4. Contest Rules of Innovative Ideas

5. Formation of the jury for the selection of ideas for converting the into reality within the framework of DigIn.Net