Selected (competitions, scholarship holders selection) graduates of ONAT, ONPU and KPI are accepted into the double-degree program “Communication and Embedded Systems” or in the courses of study “Biomedical Engineering” or “Photovoltaic Engineering Sciences” (all three are taught in English). Postgraduates with innovative concepts are given the opportunity to implement part of their joint doctoral project at the HSA. In this case, the doctoral candidates will receive an invitation for a study or research stay, which is linked with the scholarship receiving according to the financing plan of the project. In this phase, the young Ukrainian scientists can test and make further development of their ideas under laboratory conditions together with a mentor from the HSA. Parallel to this, the mentor and colleagues from the central structural units (WZA, FTTZ, Graduate Academy, etc.) explore the possibilities and chances of exploiting the project idea, either with a partner company of the university or in the form of a support or start-up project, which receives appropriate funding from project funds. A further component for the implementation of the project ideas is the activation and consultation of external expertise. The external experts can provide financial support for the project teams and scholarship holders in the form of fees via the project. The increase in fees by a factor of 4 in the 2021 financial year compared with 2020 is based on the assumption that the implementation of a particular concept in the DUDIZ project ideas, which fund young researchers, will result in an increased need for additional external expertise.

Period: SOSE 2020; WS 2020/2021; SOSE 2021 

Expected results: The stays for study and research purposes at the HSA have led to project concepts that allow possibilities of further development and exploitation of the innovations beyond the project outlined here ( Project Outlook)