Full-time students of the Ukrainian partner-institutions ONPU, ONAT and KPI are supported, who are to pursue their project ideas at the HSA within the framework of the double degree program of the Electrical Engineering (Master/PhD) Department. The Application documents must be submitted to the Scholarship Selection Committee in digital form. The documents consist of:

1. The completed application (in English or German).

2. Resume (in English or German).

3. Copy of foreign biometric passport.

4. Certificate from the institution of higher education of Ukraine where the young researcher studies (works).

5. A description of the Innovative idea and its main concept (in English or German).


6. Expert reviews in English or German (1 – from a project manager from Ukraine and 1 – from a consultant from Germany).


Scholarships will be awarded according to the availability of funds; there is no legal claim for the funding. Double funding is excluded.


Application deadlines2020-2021


Expected results: The status of the further development of the innovation ideas has been evaluated. Some of the ideas will not be supported, developed or implemented. Those teams whose ideas are to be continued in Germany will prepare for their stay in Germany (stay for study and research purposes at the HSA)